Saxophone Repairs, Flute Repairs & Oboe Repairs for Western MA and Central Massachusetts and the Northeastern United States

Saxophone Repairs
by the Sax Repair Expert

Western Mass Saxophone repairs

We repair saxophones for world's most discriminating professional players. We service and repair saxophones including: Keilwerth, Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Buescher, Conn, King, Martin and many more. Fanatical attention is given to an individual player's needs. See our Saxophone Repair Photo Gallery. Sax Parts Guide.

Our attention to detailed saxophone repairs is unsurpassed.
We repair bass saxophones

Saxophone repair is specialized. The skills and techniques we offer go far beyond local instrument repair shops whose exposure is primarily to student repairs and not professional sax repairs. Regretfully for our customers we frequently see instruments after their second or third round of repairs.

So save yourself the aggravation and expense come to us first Saxophone repair is highly specialized and each horn and player is unique.

As we develop a relationship with each customer, we often make suggestions that will improve their horn's setup for better performance and intonation.

We even repair piccolo saxophones!

We repair piccolo saxophones We repair piccolo saxophones