Saxophone Repairs, Flute Repairs & Oboe Repairs for Western MA and Central Massachusetts and the Northeastern United States

Customer Comments

Here's what some of the top players and music store owners have to say about James Vogel and The Woodwind & Brass Workshop.

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“Jim Vogel is top shelf. I send him all my Haynes and other professional line flutes”

Bob Ackerman “The mouthpiece Dr.”
Progressive Winds

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“We've been dealing with Woodwind & Brass for over a decade. The craftsmanship is first rate and they really stand behind their work.”

Joseph Blumenthal
Downtown Sounds Music
Northampton, Massachusetts

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“Woodwind & Brass is great. They really pay attention to the details and are very reliable.”

Falcetti Music Centers
Springfield Massachusetts

The Minor Chord
Acton, Massachusetts