Saxophone Repairs, Flute Repairs & Oboe Repairs for Western MA and Central Massachusetts and the Northeastern United States

Professional Clarinet Repairs

We pay attention to detail and craftsmanship in every repair so that with our personal service even the most discerning professional player is getting the most from his clarinet.

"We can adjust and regulate your clarinet as well as adjust key and ring heights. Complete overhauls and repads are available at competitive prices.

We Service and repair the following makes: Artley, Buffet, Bundy, Conn, Evette Schaffer, Haynes, Martin Ferrer, Noblet, Selmer, Vito, and Yamaha Flutes. Alto Clarinet Parts, Bass Clarinet Parts, Contra Bass Clarinet Parts

Standard Clarinet Sections. Alto Clarinet Parts
Alto Clarinet Parts