Saxophone Repairs, Flute Repairs & Oboe Repairs for Western MA and Central Massachusetts and the Northeastern United States

Repair Service for Music Stores

Now your music store can receive all of the benefits of a complete band instrument repair service without the cost of your own repair department. Since 1975, The Woodwind & Brass Workshop has offered this unique and customized service to music stores throughout New England. If you own a small music store and would like the ability to offer a repair department then Woodwind & Brass can provide you with a reliable, fast service with no investment on your part. Offering repairs brings extra customers into your store, boosts the sales of accessories and allows you to buy, sell and trade saxophones, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones and more. Shipping Ready Address Calls us for Details at: 413) 268-7292

If you are a DEALER OR STORE OWNER, ship us your instrument via UPS. We will provide you packing instructions to insure safe delivery. If an estimate and customer approval is necessary we will call you back with the suggested List price of the repair. Simply add your shipping costs to the list price. You will receive a dealer discount of 25% off list. Initial orders are C.O.D. In most cases, we will be able to return your instrument within 10 days of approval. In addition, we will gladly assist our customers in evaluating instruments taken in trade and provide them with the most cost effective repair so that the instrument can be resold with confidence.

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